Author: Hazel Brown

Hazel Brown

Hazel Brown, our Culture Canvas contributor, is a passionate advocate for the arts and cultural diversity in London. With a degree in art history and a keen interest in exploring the city's vibrant cultural scene, Hazel's articles provide an informed exploration of London's artistic expressions. Her work not only celebrates established artists but also spotlights emerging talents, contributing to the cultural vibrancy of our dynamic metropolis.

In today’s workplace, creating fair and inclusive environments is crucial. However, a common challenge is dealing with diversity resistance – when people seem dismissive of efforts to promote inclusivity. To bridge this gap and encourage meaningful conversations, we need practical approaches. Here are five simple steps to address diversity resistance at work. Keep things cool Talking about diversity can get emotional and lead to conflicts. Instead of being confrontational, it’s important to stay calm and approach the conversation with curiosity. As Lemony Snicket wisely says, “If everyone fought fire with fire, the whole world would go up in smoke.” Taking…

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As the global community grapples with the pressing need for sustainable living, environmentally conscious tenants often face unique challenges, particularly when renting. Limited freedom to make structural changes and reliance on landlord-controlled appliances can make energy conservation seem like an uphill battle. However, recent research offers insights into how tenants can save energy without straining their relationship with landlords. Here are five practical tips for greener living in your rented property. Keep the Heat In: One of the most effective ways to conserve energy is to prevent heat loss from your home. Draught-proofing, blocking gaps that allow cold air in…

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